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Pure Kitchen Tasting

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Earlier this month, our creative styling was called upon for a very special tasting for a very special couple about whom we can’t yet say too much – but you can be sure that this will be a Big. Deal! Art of Imagination president Deborah Weisenhaus created a soft, private space with a bit of fabric and light and designed and sculpted the centerpiece from Manzanita branches, banana leaves, orchids and moss. We will, of course, write about it when we can, but for now, take a look at the lovely images, courtesy of the very talented Hadassah Bullis of H|Photography.

The setting was the beautiful Kitchen Chicago. And the amazing food was courtesy of Pure Kitchen Catering – be sure to click on Hadassah’s link above to see what we were so lucky to try – all organic, local – each dish was a work of art! Also present were Rhona Silver of Caterbid and Heather Meibach, of Heather Ever Present. Thank you to everyone involved – we all can’t wait to see this come together!


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